Metallic Gourds Centerpiece

Metallic Gourds Centerpiece

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 25th 2016

Do you ever feel the need to try and blend together two popular trends? For me it was the plaid buffalo check and metallic trends. Both are super popular right now, and I just knew with DecoArt's Dazzling Metallics paint that I could pull off something pretty fun.

I set to work and came up with an amazing buffalo check pumpkin that dazzles the eye! And some little minion metallic pumpkins to go with it.

Items Needed:


I started with an assortment of inexpensive faux pumpkins and gourds. Very basic.

Instruction Image #1

I tried out an assortment of the Dazzling Metallics on the little gourds and pumpkins. For some I used a couple of coats of paint, for others just one. For the gourds with just one coat of paint, I allowed the patterns to show through from the original gourds which gave a fun effect.

Instruction Image #2

For the gourds with 2 coats of paint, I applied some Dazzling Metallics in Bright Brass for contrast. To do this, I wadded up a plastic grocery bag, dipped it sparingly into the paint, then dabbed the gourd all over. The effect was spectacular!

I also painted all of the stems with the Bright Brass.

Instruction Image #3

I painted the larger pumpkin with several coats of the White Pearl. The stem is painted with 2 coats of the Bright Brass.

Instruction Image #4

To achieve the buffalo check look, use a wide flat brush to paint evenly spaced squares on the pumpkin. I used the Black Pearl. Between the horizontal rows of squares use the flat tip of the brush to make diagonal lines, first one way then back on itself the other way.

Between the vertical squares use the flat tip of the brush to make one set of diagonal lines.

The process actually goes pretty quick once you get into it. And I love how the pattern came out on the pumpkin!

Instruction Image #5

Don't they look so fancy?? I surrounded the buffalo check pumpkin with the smaller gourds to create the centerpiece. I love all of the colors. They are perfect for fall!

And I think I might even be able to keep that large pumpkin out with my Christmas decor. What do you think?

Instruction Image #6