Metallic Heart Collage

Metallic Heart Collage

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 5th 2016

I love the effect that the Metallic products in the DecoArt range add to textures. They create a dramatic effect with a small amount that reflects and changes beautifully in different lights.

Items Needed:


For my Metallic Heart Collage I applied a variety of material, patterned paper scraps, lace, tissue paper and old book text with DecoArt Matte Medium to a wood panel.

Instruction Image #1

Applied Modelling paste with a palette knife, with a variety of thickness and texture. 

Instruction Image #2

Applied Crackle paste alongside the Modelling paste and other areas and allowed to dry overnight.

Instruction Image #3

Applied hot glue starting with the drip at the bottom working towards the edge of the canvas.

Instruction Image #4

Once cool covered with a coat of Media White Gesso.

Instruction Image #5

Stamped text and a variety of damask effect patterns into the plain areas with a permanent black ink.

Instruction Image #6

Applied Media Fluid Acrylics Medium Grey and Cobalt Teal working outwards.

Instruction Image #7

Followed with Prussian Blue.

Instruction Image #8

and Raw Umber.

Instruction Image #9

With the darker colours working into areas with embellishment and texture to define.

Instruction Image #10

Whist wet start wiping back with a baby wipe on the raised embellishment and texture areas to highlight.

Instruction Image #11

Once dry apply Metallic Lustre Champagne Ice lightly with your finger tip. 

Instruction Image #12

It looks fabulous on the drip effects and modelling paste textures.

Instruction Image #13

Instruction Image #14

Stenciling the open areas with Media Fluid Acrylic Metallic Silver.

Instruction Image #15

Apply Crackle Paste to the heart quite thick and textured and allow to dry naturally for about 4 hours.

Instruction Image #16

Apply Cobalt Teal.

Instruction Image #17

Followed with Prussian Blue.

Instruction Image #18

Once Dry lightly apply Metallic Silver.

Instruction Image #19

Define the edges with Prussian Blue and Raw Umber.

Instruction Image #20

Finish highlighting the Heart with Metallic Lustre Champagne Ice.

Instruction Image #21