Metallic Paint Stamped Feathers

Metallic Paint Stamped Feathers

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 27th 2014

Colorful feathers are a fun craft material that can add flair to your next craft project, but how about really cool patterned ones with a metallic shine?

It’s really simple to create beautiful one-of-a-kind plumes, perfect to accent your next project. I’m sure you have used stamps on paper before, but have you ever tried stamping feathers? Check out this fun technique.

Items Needed:

  • Large Patterned Stamp
  • Sponge Brush
  • White Copy Paper
  • Craft Feathers


I started with colored feathers that I found at my local Michaels. Then I used a large patterned stamp with a cool circle design. Instead of using my stamp pad I used paint. I knew I wanted to add some metallic detail to the feathers. The silver Metallics paint color was a perfect choice to add shimmer to the feathers. I also tried some tone-on-tone effects using the red Metallics paint on pink feathers and the green Metallics paint on a few green feathers. And I also found that the beautiful peacock pearl Metallics color created the perfect shimmering contrast to the colored feathers as well.

Instruction Image #1

First I loaded up my sponge brush with some paint and brushed it on the stamp.

Instruction Image #2

Since I was working with paint instead of an inkpad, the stamp was pretty saturated with color. I stamped an initial print onto a piece of paper to get the first layer of paint off. This way the design of the stamp shows through, not the extra paint.

Instruction Image #3

Then I carefully stamped the feather using a lot of pressure to make sure to compensate for the rounded shaped of the feather stem.

Instruction Image #4

This left a beautifully imperfect painted pattern on my colored feather. Each time you stamp your feathers you will get a different result. Also, as you can see, my stamp wasn’t big enough to cover the whole feather. I filled in extra detail on the areas that didn’t get any paint on them by using my sponge brush and touching up the sides and tips of the feathers.

Instruction Image #5

When I was happy with my pattern painted feather, I let it dry completely.

Instruction Image #6

Don’t have a large patterned stamp? No worries. You can hand paint beautiful details on your feathers too. These peacock pearl stripes are divine on the green and pink feathers.

Instruction Image #7

This craft idea was so easy I couldn’t stop making them!

Instruction Image #8

I can’t wait to decorate something with them. I’m envisioning beautiful hair accessories, or maybe a fun bookmark idea. Whatever you use these gorgeous feathers for they are sure to add shimmer and style!