Metallic Rose Gold DIY iPad Holder

Metallic Rose Gold DIY iPad Holder

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 1st 2015

It's no secret that I am currently addicted to beautiful metallics right now!  I have always loved silver and I have developed a recent love of gold, and I am beginning to totally crush on Rose Gold!  Are you!?  It is a beautiful, softer, warmer gold color that I think will really gain popularity as fall settles in.  So today I am sharing how to make this beautiful Brushed Metallic Rose Gold DIY iPad Holder!  And it literally only cost a few dollars to make!  Seriously!  Come see how!

Items Needed:

  • Metallic Lustre - Rose Gold
  • IPad Stand
  • Rag
  • Paint Brush (optional)


What is different about the Metallic Lustre paint is that it is more of a wax then a traditional paint, and it buffs to a shine.  It dries quickly and can be used on so many surfaces!  It is a really fun and easy way to add metallics into your decor and home projects.

Instruction Image #1

You can use a brush if you prefer, but I found a rag to be the easiest way to apply this wax to my project.  I rubbed a bit of wax all over the iPad holder and let it dry for a few seconds.  Then I went back with my rag (with a clean section) and rubbed it in circular motions to create a brushed metal effect.

Instruction Image #2

I let it dry completely.  And then applied a second coat in the same manner.  You don't need to use two coats, but I wanted to.  

Here is a pretty good shot showing off the beautiful brushed metal look

Instruction Image #3

Can you believe that I did this with PAINT!?!?!  How cool is this!?

Instruction Image #4

I can think of so many applications for this product now that I have used it.  And I really do love how my brushed metallic DIY iPad Holder turned out!  It is super useful and so pretty!!  And I love that it adds a little bit of a beautiful metallic to my home without being too shiny or overwhelming.  

Instruction Image #5