Mini Album

Mini Album

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 15th 2015

Create this mini album from corrugated card and a few embellishments.

Items Needed:


Cut 5 or 6 squares out of corrugated card. You can use any kind, even from an old box. I cut mine to fit with my 6x6 scrapbook papers but you can do this for any size.  

Instruction Image #1

Paint your card with your main base colour. I used a mixture of white and boysenberry pink.

Instruction Image #2

Sparsely spread some white Gesso over the surface. Just lightly and in patches so that most of your base colour still shows through.  

Instruction Image #3

Using a rubber stamp and some ink, stamp some text (or your chosen background pattern) over the surface randomly.  

Instruction Image #4

Colour some modeling paste using acrylic paint and pass it through a stencil using a palette knife. I also cleaned my knife across the surface of the page. It added more texture and random interest.

Instruction Image #5

Tear up some old book pages and glue them on using decoupage medium.  

Instruction Image #6

Rip away sections of the top layer from the card.

Instruction Image #7

And then give it a dry brush or even a “wash” with white paint.  

Instruction Image #8

Decide on your layout of images and embellishments. Do not glue anything till you’re sure and you have treated all your embellishments with the effects you want

Instruction Image #9

I coated my metal “dream” with gesso and let it dry.

Instruction Image #10

I glued my image in to place and coated it with decoupage medium to protect it. Then I added a light touch of Metallic Lustre to the raised surfaces of all my embellishments  

Instruction Image #11

I glued my embellishments in to place and then covered the image with a wet wipe to protect it before adding splashes of paint (using a paintbrush and watery paint) randomly over the surface.  

Instruction Image #12

When it was all dry I gave it one final wash of watered white paint to give a chalky muted appearance.  

Instruction Image #13

I decorated my remaining pages and tied the book together with jute string for a nice rustic feel.  

Instruction Image #14