Minimalist Gold Artwork and Frame

Minimalist Gold Artwork and Frame

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 30th 2020

Make your own gold and black minimalist artwork using Americana Enchanted..


    • watercolor paper
    • wooden frame
    • paintbrush
    • pencil


    1. Paint the wooden frame with Ultra Black Basecoat. Allow to dry completely. Paint on Gold with horizontal brush-strokes and then vertical brush-strokes. Allow to dry. Paint another coat of Gold in both directions. While that coat is drying, begin the drawing.
    2. For the drawing, measure and cut the watercolor paper to fit the opening in the frame. Paint the paper with two coats of Ultra Black Basecoat and allow to dry. Draw a droplet shape in the center. Paint droplet with Gold. Allow to completely dry. Assemble in the frame.