Mint Green Front Door

Mint Green Front Door

Posted by DecoArt on May 2nd 2018

Add a splash of color to your front door for spring or summer with Americana Decor Curb Appeal.


    • soft cloth
    • 1" painter's tape
    • plastic cup or container
    • 2" angle brush
    • screw driver


    1. Prep door by wiping away any dirt or dust. Sand any areas if needed.
    2. Tape area around door if desired and remove any hardware.
    3. Shake paint well. Paint recessed areas of the door, followed by the remainder of the flat door surfaces. Let dry.
    4. Add a second coat of paint if needed. Dry completely before returning the hardware and closing the door.
    5. Allow to dry 1-2 hours between coats depending on humidity. Allow to dry 24 hours before exposing to rain.
    6. Clean up with soap and water.