Mirrored Ball Snowman

Mirrored Ball Snowman

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 21st 2014

I love hanging mirror balls on the Christmas tree as they scatter the lights and make the tree appear even brighter. This made me think about what I could do with those mirror balls to make them a little different. That is when this mirror ball snowman ornament was created! Make this cute little guy in minutes and add to your tree.

Items Needed:

  • Mirror Ball Ornaments (3 Per Snowman)
  • Mini Hat And Scarf Set From The Craft Store
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper
  • Hot Glue And Glue Gun


I took a small piece of paper and rolled it up to look like a snowman nose. The paper is on the left in the picture below and the nose is on the right. Paint this nose with the Paprika paint. I found that by using a small wood dowel to hold the nose I could paint it easily.

Instruction Image #1

While the nose dries, let’s assemble the snowman. First you need to take out the hanger on two of the three mirror ball ornaments.

Instruction Image #2

Everywhere where the mirror balls will be glued together, some of the mirrors need to be removed. I pulled these off fairly easily with my fingers.

Instruction Image #3

Hot glue the mirror balls together and hold firmly until the glue sets. Then add on the scarf and hat with additional hot glue.

Instruction Image #4

Add eyes and a mouth with the paint in Black Tie. I used the WRONG END of the paint brush to get better circle shapes.

Instruction Image #5

Add the dried nose with hot glue and allow your entire project to dry completely before hanging.

Instruction Image #6

Hang this one on your tree and watch the lights dance off of those balls. A mirror ball snowman ornament is just what any well-dressed tree needs this holiday season.

Instruction Image #7