Mixed Media Christmas Angel

Mixed Media Christmas Angel

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 5th 2015

This mixed media doll can be made with any quirky items you may have laying around the house.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • E6000 glue
    • pencil
    • #3 round brush
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • 1/2" flat brush
    • #8 flat brush
    • baby wipes
    • seven brass screw eyes
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • palette knife
    • grey transfer paper
    • cosmetic foam wedge
    • needle nose pliers
    • 2" X 2" Wood Square
    • 2" x 3 1/2" Rectangle
    • Wooden Wings # 1349
    • 3 yds. - 24 gauge wire
    • Narrow lace trim



    Let Dry between steps.

    To stencil: load paint onto a cosmetic sponge, pounce off excess on the palette then lightly pounce through the stencil openings.

    Apply shading and highlighting using your favorite method: dry brushing, blending wet into wet or applying layers of sheer glazes.

    1. Apply White Gesso to all pieces. When dry, sand to smooth the raised grain. Apply a second coat of White Gesso. Let dry.
    2. Tear into pieces the text sheet in the Vintage Silhouette Decou-page Paper assortment to fit each wood piece.
    3. Brush Matte Medium onto the surface, place the piece of paper down and apply another coat of Matte Medium over it. (Hint: brushing from the center toward the outer edges of the paper will help eliminate air bubbles and wrinkles)
    4. FACE: Trace pattern onto tracing paper.
    5. Add Quinacridone Gold to Tinting Base a little at a time until you achieve a flesh color you like. Apply to the entire face square allowing text to show through lightly. When dry, transfer pattern details for facial features.
    6. Instruction #5
    7. Add a touch of the Flesh Mix to Burnt Sienna and shade the recess areas of face: around eyes, bottom of nose, above upper lip, under lower lip, across top of face and down sides of face rounding in at bottom. (Hint: This shading should look too dark right now and will lighten as more details are added.)
    8. Instruction #6
    9. Highlight face with Titanium White on areas that protrude: forehead, under eyebrows, on ball of cheeks, tip of nose, on nostril covers, down center of nose and above upper lip.
    10. Instruction #7
    11. Add a very sheer glaze of Primary Cyan above eyes. Base whites of eyes with Titanium White. Paint iris of eyes with Titanium White and Primary Cyan 4:1. Outline iris with Primary Cyan. Paint a very sheer glaze of Primary Cyan across the top of iris. (Hint: Alternating additional light glazes of shading and highlighting can create a nice blend and smooth the look of the face.)
    12. Use Carbon Black to paint the pupils of eyes and to line the upper lashes. When dry paint a narrow, sheer wash of Carbon Black across the top of entire eyeball to set it back into the head. Hilight the eye with a dot of Titanium White in the pupil at 2 o’clock and a line at 7 o’clock.
    13. Line eyebrows with Burnt Umber. Blush sides of cheeks with Titanium White and Quinacridone Red (2:1).
    14. Instruction #10
    15. Base lower lip with Titanium White and Quinacridone Red (3:1) and the upper lip with Quinacridone Red. When dry, shade lower lip with Quinacridone Red and line the smile with Quinacridone Red and a touch of Carbon black. A small highlight of Titanium White on the lower lip will complete the face.
    16. BODY: Apply a Titanium White and Primary Cyan mix (4:1) wash to body. When dry, shade the sides of body with a sheer wash of Primary Cyan.
    17. Transfer pattern for neckline and yoke. Basecoat neck with the Flesh Mix from face and yoke with Titanium White. Apply Primary Cyan and Matte Medium (1:1) through portions of the Andy Skinner Baroque stencil to the blue section of body, repeat with Titanium White through the Pixilated stencil. (Hint: Mixing Matte Medium with a Media Fluid Acrylic when stenciling will retain the consistency of the paint and intensity of color yet make it more transparent and easier to control.)
    18. Instruction #13
    19. Shade the neck with a sheer mix of Burnt Sienna and a touch of Flesh Mix. Apply pattern for stripes as needed and paint stripes Green Gold. Paint a wavy line between stripes and tiny dots on the stripes with Titanium White and Primary Cyan (4:1). Outline yoke with Green Gold.
    20. Type the words “Christmas Angel” using your favorite font and print . Cut out words and wash edges with Green Gold. Adhere the words by applying a coat of Matte Medium to both the body and the back of the word. Place the word on the body and apply another coat of Matte Medium over it.
    21. When dry, line an irregular border using Carbon Black. (Hint: When printing for collage, I have the best success using a laser copy done on 32 lb. non-glossy laser paper. Most copy centers offer this.)
    22. Instruction #16
    23. WINGS: Place the Andy Skinner Baroque stencil on the outer wing and spread Modeling Paste over design with a palette knife. Lift stencil straight up.
    24. When dry, re-position the Baroque stencil over raised design and stencil with Titanium White, then again lightly with Primary Cyan (4:1). (Hint: When applying a wash over texture, consistently stroking in the same direction will help create a natural shade effect.)
    25. When completely dry, apply a wash of Titanium White and Primary Cyan (4:1) to wings, allowing text to show through lightly. Let dry, then, apply a very sheer wash of Primary Cyan over entire wing.
    26. Instruction #19
    27. LACE TRIM: Place lace on waxed paper and apply a generous coat of Matte Medium, allowing it to soak into the lace. Lift and place on a clean area of the paper so it won’t stick while drying. Repeat on the other side. Apply a wash of Green Gold or Primary Cyan (4:1) in various parts of the design. When dry accent blue portions with Primary Cyan in just a few areas.
    28. ASSEMBLY: Use needle-nose pliers to slightly open one of the screw eyes. Place this screw eye in the middle of the bottom edge of head. Place the other screw eyes in the edges of pieces as follows: center top of head, on each shoulder and on body bottom where legs will hang. Glue lace across top of head and bottom of body. Apply several coats of Ultra Matte Varnish on all pieces to protect your artwork.
    29. Use beads, keys, charms, buttons or old jewelry to create arms and legs. Thread your choices of embellishment onto a length of 24 gauge wire and attach to each of the screw eyes for arms and legs. Glue the body in position on the center of the wings.
    30. Use a 24” piece of 24 gauge wire for her halo. Insert wire through top screw eye from back to front. Place a pencil behind top screw eye and wrap wire over pencil and back through screw eye. Repeat for 10 – 12 wraps. Bring end around to back and twist with beginning of wire to secure. Snip off ends and spread loops to form halo.
    31. Insert opened screw eye on bottom of head through screw eye on top of body. Close screw eye with needle-nose pliers. Enjoy your Christmas Art Doll.
    32. Instruction #24


    Christmas Angel Pattern