Mixed Media Christmas Ornaments

Mixed Media Christmas Ornaments

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 17th 2015

Join one of our talented Media Design Team members on a Christmas themed creative journey!

Items Needed:


Ornament One:

Wooden ornament sanded lightly. Prepare by painting with gesso and sanding lightly again.

Instruction Image #2

Use chosen colours to paint ornament. The rusted section is explained later.

Instruction Image #3

Apply Weathered Wood to the painted section of the ornament.

Instruction Image #4

Dry brush cracks using silver metallic, cobalt turquoise hue and quinacridone gold fluid acrylics.

Instruction Image #5

Die cut decorative shapes from card. Seal with gesso and apply texture sand paste.

Instruction Image #6

Paint die cuts with dark grey value 6 fluid acrylic.

Instruction Image #7

Apply a light spray of carbon black mister – do not apply too thickly.

Instruction Image #8

Apply a coat of quinacridone gold fluid acrylic over the die cuts to create rusty look.

Instruction Image #9

Select embellishments from chipboard kit designed by Andy Skinner. (By Tando Creative). Seal all pieces with gesso.

Instruction Image #10

To complete the rusty finish follow the same steps as above.

Instruction Image #11

Prepare a hanging loop for the ornament by twisting pre-rusted wire into a loop. Stick to the back of the ornament.

Instruction Image #12

Rust the top of the ornament using steps above. Apply embellishments. Add jute string through the rusty wire loop to hang ornament from.


Instruction Image #13

Wonderful texture created by the sand texture paste under the layers of paint.

Instruction Image #14

The star is die cut from foam board to give extra thickness.

Instruction Image #15

Mixing the silver metallic paint with the cobalt turquoise hue really gives a beautiful shimmer.

Instruction Image #16

Instruction Image #17

Ornament Two:

Instruction Image #18

Add a little Prussian blue and metallic silver fluid acrylics to a craft sheet and mist with water to make it quite liquid. Add a few sprays of carbon black mister to the liquid and dip clean white card into the mixture once then dry with a heat tool. Repeat this process until the card has achieved the desired level of colour.

Instruction Image #19

Use the remaining liquid paint to add colour to some vintage seam binding. When colouring the seam binding, simply immerse into the paint and swish around until coloured. Leave to air dry or use a heat tool for a more crinkly finish.

Instruction Image #20

Card and seam binding are dry and show a beautiful level of metallic finish.

Instruction Image #21

Die cut an ornament shape and some holly leaves from the dipped card. To add rigidity, cut the same shapes in strong chipboard – these can be glued on later.

Instruction Image #22

Use black modelling paste, a spatula and a stencil to add a design to the ornament die cut. When dry, glue the chipboard shapes into position on the back of all the card shapes.

Instruction Image #23

Using a brush, add crackle glaze to the holly leaves. Leave to air dry.

Instruction Image #24

Prepare a hanging loop for the ornament by twisting pre-rusted wire into a loop. Stick to the back of the ornament.

Instruction Image #25

Cut a piece of the coloured seam binding to size and attach to the hanging loop on the ornament.

Instruction Image #26

The edges of the dry modelling paste have been given a very light dry brushing of silver metallic fluid acrylic. The edges of the holly leaves have been swiped with the silver paint on a sponge.

Instruction Image #27

The black modeling paste gives a wonderfully crisp image through the stencil.

Instruction Image #28