Mom's Day Out

Mom's Day Out

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 3rd 2017

Moms rarely get any "me" time. Let's face it, we've probably all hidden in the closet at some point just to grab a moment of peace and quiet. I know I have! And while we love our children dearly, we need that "me" time to stay sane.

"Me" time for moms can be as simple as going to the grocery store alone, but it's even better when it's with other adults. So when I suggested to a bunch of my mom friends that we should get together one afternoon for a paint party sans our kids, everyone was all in!

I invited my friends and suggested they bring their favorite snack - enough to share. I was going to bring the drinks - bottled water and sangria!

I also needed a venue to host the paint party as my house wasn't going to be big enough. One of the ladies offered her home which worked out perfectly!

Items Needed:

  • Social Artworking Bessie Design
  • Social Artworking Be Brave Design
  • Friends
  • Snacks


We had selected a couple of different canvases we liked ( Bessie & Be Brave ) each lady picking the one she wanted to work on because, let's face it, even though we're all friends our tastes run differently. Not everyone wanted to work on the same design.

Instead of looking at this event as a "class," we looked at it more as learning a new craft together and getting our social on.

I brought along some folding tables and a roll of kraft paper to give us plenty of work surfaces for our easels. 2-3 canvases were set up at each table giving us plenty of elbow room. And all close enough together that we could still chat and catch up with each other.

Instruction Image #1

I love that hosting a Social Artworking party can be as simple as selecting the design and how many people will be attending on the Party Planner part of the website. The amount of paint and number of items needed for the event will be pre-selected and will show up in a big box right at your door.

We took our time painting, snacking on our delicious treats while waiting for paint to dry before moving on to the next step. We could have used a hairdryer to speed things up, but that would take away from our eating time. Did I mention we had dips galore as well as a scrumptious quiche and insanely delicious homemade cream puffs? These ladies know their snacks!

Instruction Image #3

The directions that come with each canvas are very clear cut with picture descriptions to help visualize the steps. We discussed a bit certain steps and checked out one another's canvases as we went along.

Instruction Image #4

I have some pretty creative friends, and some used the directions more as guidelines and added their own special touches to their canvas. Some of us decided to add pretty flowers to Bessie! The flower colors were made by simply mixing paint colors that came with the two designs.

Instruction Image #5

I don't think any two canvases came out the same which is WONDERFUL! We had so much fun hanging out together, eating, chatting, and creating. And being able to walk away from the day with a tangible item leaves us with some great memories and something awesome for our walls.

Instruction Image #6

Would you and your girlfriends enjoy a Social Artworking party? It's a great excuse to get out of the house for that much needed "me" time with your best girlfriends!

Instruction Image #7