Mudroom Organization Box

Mudroom Organization Box

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 24th 2014

Happy January friends! Hope you survived the holidays, and are ready to get back into a routine. Do you go crazy cleaning and organizing in January like I do? It's my favorite month to deep clean, organize closets, and get my house in tip-top shape!

Ready to see a super easy project to help get you started on your path to organization? I found these adorable little storage boxes, and they have become the perfect solution in keeping our mudroom organized. I got so tired of gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves everywhere! Now we have these awesome boxes where the kids can easily find their winter supplies. They just needed a little crafting to make them cute!

Items Needed:


Instruction Image #1

First, you are going to layout your stencil, and gently brush on your Americana craft paint. If you are worried about your stencil shifting, be sure to use  a light tack tape to help hold it down. Because my surface was so small, I just held my stencil in place with one hand, and painted with the other.

Instruction Image #2

The Americana paint is so fabulous, I only needed a single coat. If you are painting a really dark color, you may need a second coat of paint.

As you paint your box, paint one side, allow it to dry completely, then paint another. I used an additional Americana stencil to add my "gloves" font, but you can freehand your box contents as well.

Instruction Image #3

When my box was completely dry, I filled it with all of our spare mittens, and placed in in our mudroom. No more kids scrounging around for a warm pair of gloves! If you are like me and pick up a ton of mittens on clearance at the end of the season, this little box is ideal for storing all of them. And I love that by embellishing it with the stencil it has a lot more personality.

Instruction Image #4

That's it friends! Hope your January is filled with lots of post-holiday relaxation, and an organizational craft project or two of course. ;)