Ombre Polka Dot Nightstand

Ombre Polka Dot Nightstand

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 18th 2017

Ombre polka dots are a fun and unique way to liven up a piece of furniture using Americana Decor Chalky Finishes.


    • sandpaper
    • flat brush
    • plastic cup or container
    • wood filler
    • round brush
    • pouncer
    • nightstand


    1. Clean the surface of your furniture well. Remove any hardware or drawers first.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. With wood filler, fill in any scrapes or large chips in the piece. Allow to dry and then sand smooth. Wipe with a cloth to remove any dust.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. With the flat brush, go over the entire surface of your piece with Everlasting.
    6. Instruction #3
    7. Mix your paints. For this ombre, you will use five separate colors. 1) Refreshing 2) 3 parts Refreshing and 1 part Everlasting 3) 2 parts Everlasting and 1 part Treasure 4) 1 part Treasure and 3 parts Primitive and 5) Treasure. Some discretion is involved, but you want five shades of color moving from the darkest shade to the lightest shade along the gradient.
    8. Instruction #4
    9. Using a round sponge, dip the sponge into the darkest paint and then dab a few times onto a spare plate or piece of paper. You want your brush to be LIGHTLY coated with paint... not saturated.
    10. Instruction #5
    11. Moving carefully across the lower portion of the furniture piece, dab randomly to apply the first 'layer' of scattered circles.
    12. Instruction #6
    13. Continue this step for each color in your gradient, carefully working your way to the top of the piece distributing each color in a band across the furniture. Make sure the bands of color loosely overlap for a smooth ombre. For this ombre pattern, two different sized stencil sponges were used to fill in the gaps.
    14. Instruction #7
    15. When the ombre dots are dry, go over the entire piece with Clear Wax. Replace the knobs with updated decorative knobs of your preference.
    16. Instruction #8