Ombre Star Necklace

Ombre Star Necklace

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 2nd 2014

She’ll be a star in this multi-tiered necklace in shining color by Traditions Artist Acrylics.


    • #6 filbert brush
    • wire wrap pliers
    • #3/0 liner brush
    • eight 1" wooden stars
    • copper chain necklace
    • jewelry hand drill
    • eight 4-cm copper earring findings


    1. Lay eight wooden stars out in pattern and drill holes where stars meet 2-mm from edge using jewelry hand drill. (See photo.)
    2. Paint bottom star Indian Yellow with #6 filbert brush. Paint next two stars closest to outside Vermillion using #6 filbert brush.
    3. Paint next three stars Naphthol Red Light using #6 filbert brush.
    4. Paint top two stars Permanent Alizarin Crimson using #6 filbert brush.
    5. With Opaque White and 3/0 liner brush, place dot in middle of each star and then paint circle around dot leaving space for another color.
    6. Using color other than what color star is painted, paint lines away from dot toward end of stars.
    7. Cover flat side of each star with Triple Thick, making sure not to get it into drilled hours. Let dry four hours.
    8. Once dry, flip stars over and repeat step 7 on other side.
    9. Push copper earring finding through hole on each star from backside. Bend wire and push it through hole of closest star. Using wire wrap pliers, tuck wire end in between stars.
    10. On top two stars and middle star, make loops in wire using jewelry pliers. String copper chain through three loops.