On the Wings of Joy Bird Ornaments

On the Wings of Joy Bird Ornaments

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 3rd 2015

These birds carry a joyful holiday message using SoSoft ® Fabric Paint.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • transfer paper
    • scissors
    • E6000 glue
    • pencil
    • #2 round brush
    • needle and thread
    • pins
    • stuffing
    • glitter
    • fabric
    • fabric letters



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Lay the pattern onto two layers of white fabric; pin if needed; and cut out the outside shape. (Cut three of these.)
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Separate the fabric. Keep track of which is the top and bottom so that they can be put back together.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. If needed, use transfer paper to transfer the details of the bird from the pattern. In Baby Blue Deep, paint in the line work using a #2 round brush. Roughly paint the back of the bird as well.
    6. Instruction #3
    7. Randomly go back over some of the Baby Blue Deep with Ocean Blue. (Refer to photo.) Paint the beak in Cadmium Orange and outline in Red Pepper. Paint the eyes in Lamp Black.
    8. Instruction #4
    9. Put the two pieces together and sew on the outside edges of the bird. Make sure to leave an opening large enough so the bird can be stuffed before closing it completely. (If you don't want the stitching to show, sew the two pieces facing each other and flip it inside out afterwards.)
    10. Instruction #5
    11. Apply a layer of Liquid Glass onto the fabric letters. While they are still wet, sprinkle on glitter. Let dry. Once dry, apply another layer of Liquid Glass to be sure the glitter stays in place. Allow to dry completely.
    12. Instruction #6
    13. If desired, sew along the sides of the bird's breast by the wings to add dimension.
    14. Instruction #7
    15. Once letters have dried, use E6000 Glue to adhere one each onto the stomachs of the three birds.


    Bird Pattern