One Idea - Two Angels

One Idea - Two Angels

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 22nd 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, I had an idea for an angel ornament with textured wings. When I began adding color, I realized I needed to make a choice … do I make her a warm, rich, deep red – or – a cool, softer, lively pink?? Next I thought, why choose … do both! 

I love thinking about, analyzing and manipulating colors and the Media acrylics are just so loaded with rich pigments that I can play endlessly. I took one basic palette of Reds and with a few minor changes created 2 different angels, similar yet different. You could easily personalize these ornaments by using photos of family members or friends. You could give them lots of personality by painting a face on paper … lots of possibilities for this idea.

Items Needed:


Use compass to draw a 1 5/8” diameter circle pattern on tracing paper. Cut out and check to make sure it fits in the bottom of the bottle cap. Fold pattern in half and mark one end of fold. Place a mark ½” from each side of fold at other end. Use the hammer and awl to make holes in the edges of the bottle cap at each of the 3 marks.

Instruction Image #1

Basecoat the wings with White Gesso, let dry and lightly sand any raised grain. Tear small pieces of the text sheet from the Vintage Silhouette Decoupage paper set. Apply Matte Medium, place a piece of text and apply Matte Medium on top to adhere the pieces to the wing. I love using this paper because it offers a variety of text sizes and has a white background, which helps any glaze applied over it to remain true to its color. Apply basecoat and text to both front and back of wing.

Instruction Image #2

Mix Paint Adhesion Medium and White Gesso (1:1). Apply this to the edges and back of the bottle cap.

Instruction Image #3

Use a small filbert brush (I used a size 4) to scoop up a dab of Crackle Paint.

Instruction Image #4

Turn the brush with the dab facing down. Place the brush where you want the feather to begin. Press and pull the brush toward the top of wing allowing the Crackle Paint to seep out creating the feather. Work from the bottom of wing up, reloading for each feather. Leave a small border along the top edge and the center portion, where the bottle cap will be attached, open.

Instruction Image #5

When all feathers have been painted, apply a generous amount of Crackle Paint to the open area along the top of wing creating a border.

Instruction Image #6

Use the small filbert to stroke across the top border, removing paint to create feathers. Apply Crackle Paint to front and back of rims of the bottle cap. Allow Crackle Paint to dry naturally for a few hours. Apply Crackle Paint to random areas on back of wings and allow to dry

Instruction Image #7

Apply a wash of Quinacridone Violet to wings, working it well into the cracks. Wipe back with a paper towel while still wet.

Instruction Image #8

Apply Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Magenta and Cadmium Orange in varied areas on wings. Blot with a dry paper towel to blend or wipe back colors. Repeat as desired to create a mottled red background.

Instruction Image #9

Use the small filbert brush to stroke Quinacridone Violet into parts of the recessed areas of each feather. This will add dimension and further deepen the richness of the color. 

Instruction Image #10

Use a dry brush or your finger to skim Americana Neon Sizzling Pink over only the raised areas of the feathers. The brightness will add further dimension and add warmth to the color. 

Instruction Image #11

On the back I applied Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Cadmium Orange and Quinacridone Violet, intermingling with the brush while wet.

Instruction Image #12

To create the pink ornament, I used the same basic steps but I did NOT use the Quinacridone Violet or Cadmium Orange. I instead added Translucent White. I did the initial wash with Quinacridone Magenta and wiped back with a baby wipe instead of a paper towel (leaving color in the cracks). The moisture of a baby wipe will remove more paint. I then applied Quinacrodine Magenta and Quinacridone Red in various areas blotting with the baby wipe to blend. Using more of the Magenta than the Red will keep the color cooler and wiping with the baby wipe will keep it lighter. When satisfied with the mottled pink background, I deepened the recessed parts of the feathers by brushing on Quinacridone Magenta. I then skimmed Americana Neon Sizzling Pink over the raised areas. When dry I also very lightly skimmed the same raised areas with Translucent White.

Instruction Image #13

I used the tracing paper circular pattern to audition photos in old magazines. Lay the pattern over faces and choose the one you like best. Mark around the circle and cut out the face. I then looked through the magazine to find eyes that were “different” than the ones on the face. In one case I chose larger in size and when I saw the red glasses I knew they were perfect for the red ornament.


Apply Matte Medium to the base of the bottle cap and back of the face photo. Place photo in the bottle cap, making sure to place the bottom of the face above the single hole you place earlier as the two holes opposite from the single hole are the top and will be used to attach the hanger. Immediately apply another coat of Matte Medium. Apply Matte Medium to the back of the eyes, place on face and top with another coat of Matte Medium. The rims of the bottle caps were painted in the same progression as the wings.

Instruction Image #14

Use a dry brush or your finger to skim Metallic Gold on some of the raised areas of the feathers and edges of the bottle cap. On the pink ornament I placed Translucent White over some of the gold to tone it down.

Instruction Image #15

To add more bling (which could be a good motto in life!) place a bead of Liquid Glass where the side meets the bottom of the bottle cap. Then fill the cap with tiny beads and press lightly. When you pour out the excess beads the perfect number of beads will have adhered around the face. 

Instruction Image #16

Use E-6000 glue to adhere finished bottle cap to center of wings. 

Instruction Image #17

I took apart an old found necklace to create the finishing “dangle bits”. I used a baby wipe to color the clear plastic prism shapes. Fold the baby wipe, pick up paint and wipe over the prism. Allow to dry and add another coat to strengthen the color. I used Quinacridone Red with a final light layer of Quinacridone Violet to deepen for the red ornament. I used Quinacridone Magenta for the pink ornament. A coat of Gloss Varnish will create a shine so the facets show clearly. Attach the prisms to the chain with a jump ring.

Instruction Image #18

Place all three “dangles” on an opened jump ring, thread the ring through the hole in bottom of bottle cap and close the ring to create a secure attachment. I cut a 24” piece of 22 gauge gold wire for the hanger. Wrap the center portion around a pencil or knitting needle several times. Remove pencil and thread one remaining straight end through one of the holes punched in top of bottle cap. Pull through to the spiral portion, bend up and wrap back around the spiral wire to secure. Wrap the remaining straight end around a small knitting needle and trim end to desired length. Repeat with the other straight end through the second hole. Pull the spirals apart and twist to create the look you prefer.

Instruction Image #19