Painted, Burlap-Seated Chair

Painted, Burlap-Seated Chair

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 18th 2014

Give an old wooden chair a new lease on life with a stenciled burlap seat and a vintage, chalky color.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • sandpaper
    • scissors
    • 2" chip brush
    • burlap
    • staple gun
    • #12 stencil brush
    • wax paper
    • wooden chair
    • screwdriver


    1. Remove seat cushion from chair with a screwdriver.
    2. With 2" chip brush, basecoat chair Everlasting. Repeat for desired intensity. Rinse brush.
    3. Use scissors to cut burlap to fit seat, leaving extra 3” or 4” on all four sides.
    4. Place burlap over wax paper. Dip #12 stencil brush in Relic; dab off excess paint on palette or plastic plate; and then lightly dab all over stencil. Rinse brush and wash off stencil. Let dry completely.
    5. Place and center burlap on cushion. Flip it upside down and start stapling at top and bottom, pulling to make fabric very tight. Pull sides, making sure design is still centered on front; staple sides.
    6. Lay cushion back on chair and flip over to screw cushion back on.
    7. Use sandpaper to distress chair.
    8. Use large soft brush to apply Light Satin Varnish to seal. Rinse brush.