Paintriotic Contest Winner: Anthony Kleem

Paintriotic Contest Winner: Anthony Kleem

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 7th 2019

DecoArt hosted the first-ever Paintriotic Contest to celebrate our 34th birthday and our nation's Independence Day. We had 170 wonderful submissions. 

We are proud to introduce you to Anthony Kleem, the winner of the grand prize in the Paintriotic Contest. He will receive $1,000 plus 100 colors of Americana Acrylics. Anthony's entry was chosen for its creativity and patriotic spirit. We were impressed by the detail in his painting and fell in love with the Americana style he created with Americana Acrylics. We hope you enjoy learning more about him! 

Anthony grew up in a small town outside Cleveland, Ohio with seven siblings and now lives in Berea, Ohio with his wife, Mary, and their five children. Anthony specializes in detailed, storytelling works of art that create a sense of nostalgia. He is inspired by New England, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the rural Midwest and uses simplicity and balance to express wholesomeness and true American values. You can find Anthony's designs worldwide on puzzles, calendars, and home décor products. 

                                                                                                                                                                   "76 Flag"

Anthony exclusively uses DecoArt paints and says they are the key to achieving his vibrant, colorful style. He used Americana Acrylics on his winning painting entitled "Let Freedom Ring," which depicts the annual parade in his hometown of Berea, Ohio. All the business names on the storefronts in the painting are real businesses in Berea's past or present. Anthony also shared with us that he usually features his red-haired daughter, Mariah, in his paintings and in "Let Freedom Ring," she is the Statue of Liberty in the bottom left corner. 

Anthony said that he is humbled to be picked as the winner after seeing all the other project submissions. So from Anthony and everyone here at DecoArt, thank you to all who participated in our Paintriotic Contest. 

Check out more of Anthony's artwork below, learn more about him on his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram

"Olde Glory Bay"


"Winter Barn"

"Franklin Street"

"Sunday Visitor"

"The Journey"