Paper Flowers Canvas

Paper Flowers Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 25th 2016

Tracy here today and thank you for joining me for a quick canvas tutorial, i am completely in love with the mix of Media Line Acrylic Paints and DecoArt Metallic Lustres, the colours of the paints are fabulous and the shimmering vibrant colours of the lustres are totally delicious, these have very quickly become my new favourites to play with.

Items Needed:


My first step was to finger paint onto my small 7x5 canvas using a mix Media Fluid Acrylic colours. 

I used the Media Tinting Base with some colours and left some pure to create more variation of colour making sure that I added colour to the sides of the canvas too, I also added some dots randomly to my canvas just by dipping my fingers into the paint and dabbing on the canvas, I liked the use of the grey paint around the edges as it gave a lovely distressed look.

Instruction Image #1

Using the Americana Doily stencil and some Modeling Paste I applied this to the canvas slightly off centre with a palette knife so that it went around the edge of the canvas. Allow to dry.

Then using the fabulous Lavish Green Metallic Lustre I rubbed this all over the top of the texture paste with my finger as well as adding some to the edges of the canvas. This creates an amazing shimmer as the light hits it.

Instruction Image #2

I took some deli paper and used a mix of Quinacridone Violet, Quinacridone Magenta and the Media Tinting Base to add colour to this. I used small amounts of paint at a time using a palette knife and spread the colours on randomly. I then dried this with a heat gun.

Instruction Image #3

Using the doily stencil again and the Dark Grey Value 3 Media Fluid Acrylic I stenciled through onto the deli paper with  a blending sponge just to add a little interest to the background.

Instruction Image #4

I then cut my deli paper into random sized circles ready to create my flowers making sure I had varying sizes to add interest, and had a small piece of burlap ready to cut for the flower centres when assembled.

Instruction Image #5

I assembled the different sized circles layering them up to create my flowers and secured each bundle in the centre with a small staple to hold in place, I then scrunched up each bundle and once unfolded I rubbed some of the Fuchsia Metallic Lustre over the petals to add some shimmer when they catch the light. I cut a couple of small squares of burlap for the centre and glued into place.

Instruction Image #6

I cut 3 leave shapes from some corrugated card and rubbed some of the Lavish Green Metallic Lustre over the top to add shimmer and then began to assemble my flowers and leaves onto my canvas.

For my finishing touches I rubbed a small amount of the Fuchsia Metallic Lustre randomly around the canvas to tie in with the flowers.

Instruction Image #7