Pastel Halloween Skull Wreath

Pastel Halloween Skull Wreath

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 13th 2018

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays to celebrate. I love everything about it from dressing up, transforming my home into a spooky Dead & Breakfast Inn and of course celebrating with spooktacular parties! But, before we can do any of that we have to create some awesome Halloween decorations. While I love Halloween, I don't necessarily love the traditional black and orange color scheme. So, this year I'm mixing things up with some subtle pastel colors and creating a fun Pastel Halloween Skull Wreath.

I'm hosting a fun Ghoul's Night In Cocktail Party this year and I wanted to create some simple decorations that will add a touch of glam to our celebration. This Pastel Halloween Skull Wreath is the perfect solution; it's easy and inexpensive!  

If you are looking to stray from the traditional Halloween colors the Americana Neon Lights fluorescent acrylic paints are the perfect color pallet!  I love the soft subtle fluorescent color and it even glows under a black light, how cool is that! Are you ready to add some color to your Halloween decor? Awesome, just follow this simple step by step tutorial to see create your very own stylish Pastel Halloween Skull Wreath.

Items Needed:
Americana Neon Lights - Radiant Yellow
Americana Neon Lights - Green Energy
Americana Neon Lights - Pink Explosion
Americana Neon Lights - Peach Punch
Americana Acrylics - Lamp (Ebony) Black
Large Embroidery Hoop
Black and White Striped Poster Board
Foam Skeleton Skull
Pink Ribbon
Black and White Ribbon
Black Leaves
Black Roses
Hot Glue Gun 

Step 1: Start by painting the skeleton skull with the Americana Neon Lights paint. I used Pink Explosion and Green Energy. Once the first coat of paint is dry, add a second coat of paint.

Step 2: Use the Radiant Yellow and paint the inside of the eyes and nose.

Step 3: Paint the large embroidery hoop with the black paint. 

Step 4: Once the paint is dry on the embroidery hoop place it on top of the black and white striped poster board and trace the outside edge. Cut out the circle and hot glue it to the back of the embroidery hoop.

Step 5: Now it's time to start decorating your wreath. Here's a tip: lay everything out to figure out the placing of everything before you begin gluing everything down. Begin hot gluing the base layer, I started with the black leaves, to the embroidery hoop.

Step 6: Next, start adding the black roses.

Step 7: Once you have a good base layer you can start adding in your ribbon.

Step 8: Now you can add in your pastel painted skeleton skulls. 

Step 9: Add any additional leaves, or embellishments to complete your wreath. Use a piece of ribbon to hang your pretty new Pastel Skeleton Embroidery Hoop Wreath. 

Now you are all set and ready for a colorful Halloween! Whether you are using the Americana Neon Lights fluorescent acrylics to create colorful pumpkins or spooktacular home decor, I think you are going to love adding a pop of color to your Halloween crafts. 

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Watch the Facebook tutorial for this wreath project for some tips and tricks: