Pastel Stenciled Initial Journal

Pastel Stenciled Initial Journal

Posted by DecoArt on May 30th 2016

Add a watercolor background and an initial to a journal cover for maximum impact.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • cosmetic sponge
    • journal


    1. Mix the following colors 1:1 with Titanium White: Cobalt Turquoise Hue; Diarylide Yellow; Primary Magenta; and Dioxazine Purple. Use a 3/4" flat brush to loosely brush on all of the colors while adding water for a watercolor look. Do not rinse brush in between paint colors for a nice blend.
    2. Place an initial of your choice from the Quirky Initial Impressions Stencil in the lower right-hand corner of the journal cover. Use a cosmetic sponge to dab on Cobalt Turquoise Hue. Select a border/frame of your choice and stencil in the same color.