Peacock Eyes

Peacock Eyes

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 7th 2015

I love peacock feathers and have been looking to use the Fabulous Pretty as a Peacock Feather Stencil for sometime. I wanted to capture the beautiful metallic and iridescent quality of the feathers, which in turn create a dramatic halo effect to surround the beautiful face.

Items Needed:


Apply torn paper to a Canvas with Matte Medium, I was using an existing canvas that I had already applied colour to which wasn't necessary but it added a colour cast!

Instruction Image #1

Apply Modeling Paste and Crackle Paste through a variety of patterned stencils.

Instruction Image #2

Apply Modeling Paste directly and texture with a palette knife, allow to dry for 2 hours.

Instruction Image #3

I planned the layout and applied Gesso to the area where the face was going to be located, once dry I stenciled the face with Carbon Black Media Fluid Acrylic.

Instruction Image #4

I cut approximately 30 feathers with the Spellbinders machine and die and applied with Matte Medium. Then I applied a coat over them and the face to seal.

Instruction Image #5

I started by applying watered down Media Mister Violet, darkened around the edge with Quinacridone Violet.

Instruction Image #6

Then worked in Dioxazine Purple blending one colour to the next.

Instruction Image #7

Repeat with Carbon Black.

Instruction Image #8

Followed with Phthalo Blue working out to the edge of the canvas.

Instruction Image #9

I started to wipe back the paint on the raised areas with a baby wipe whilst still wet

Instruction Image #10

If you wipe back to much just brush a little more colour, I also highlighted the tips of the feathers with Cobalt Teal Hue.

Instruction Image #11

Once dry the next step is to dry brush the raised texture areas with Metallic Silver.

Instruction Image #12

The colours were toned down with a wash of Carbon Black. I applied lots of the Silver Metallic to the feathers, building up gradually until desired effect is achieved.

Instruction Image #13