People of DecoArt: Ken

People of DecoArt: Ken

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 13th 2020

In the People of DecoArt series, you'll learn about the people behind the magic here at DecoArt and even be able to ask them questions. In today's feature, we are excited to introduce you to Ken, the Chief Financial Officer at DecoArt.

Ken has been at DecoArt for 22 years, influencing major decisions for the company from his big-picture perspective. As our CFO, Ken enhances DecoArt's profits while monitoring our assets and liabilities. Put simply, Ken is there to ensure all facets of the company operate efficiently and that we use all available resources to their fullest capacity. 

For example, Ken collaborates with operations, production, and engineering; together, they use bottling reports to guide decisions to make operation adjustments and purchase and implement the necessary machinery to improve production. Currently, we are reorganizing our available spaces in dispersion in order to create a more efficient flow of activity. Finally, we recently moved our distribution center closer to our manufacturing plant, and Ken is the person who makes sure we are able to fund progressive changes such as these.

When asked what everyone should know about DecoArt, Ken said "DecoArt is a conglomeration of everyone trying to do the right thing every day."

Ken's favorite part of working at DecoArt is the people. His role is unique in that he interacts with nearly all departments. Another part of Ken's role he enjoys is seeing ideas and raw materials transform into real products.  He says it's "pretty neat to go from concept to something you would see in Michaels."

Ken's son and daughter both graduated from the University of Kentucky, so naturally, his favorite Americana Acrylic color is True Blue. When his children were little they would craft as a family and now,  he does a lot of DIYs around his home. Ken's go-to products are Americana Decor Curb Appeal, Americana Acrylics, and Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics. Ken and his wife like to paint unfinished décor pieces to truly make them their own.

Below are some of the questions our Instagram followers asked Ken during our "Ask Me Anything" session on Instagram Stories. Check them out to learn more about him and DecoArt: 

How many people are working at DecoArt?
"We have about 140 full-time employees."

What is your favorite DecoArt color?
"We are University of Kentucky fans, so True Blue Americana Acrylic is my favorite." 

What's your favorite part of working at DecoArt?
"I have the privilege of working with people from nearly every department." 

How many countries do you export products?
"DecoArt distributes to over 50 countries worldwide!"

What's the biggest change at DecoArt in the 22 years you've worked there?
"Over the past twenty-two years, I have seen a great deal of change in our distribution channels. Previously a large portion of our sales were to local, smaller retailers and through distributors servicing multiple accounts. Now the larger, national retailers make up a much greater portion of our domestic sales.

We have also seen changes in our marketing expenditures. Previously a print media played a larger role in our marketing strategy. When I came “onboard” DecoArt published a magazine titled “Let’s Paint” which we used for both consumer education and product promotion. Now online advertising including website development expenses and online influencers play a much larger role.

Our operation has more than doubled in size. We are in the process of adding our ninth bottling line and now operate out of three facilities.

The one true, consistent element of our business that I have seen is the desire and ability to produce a quality paint that can be used by crafters, artists and individuals that create do-it-yourself projects. It is through the effort of all of our employees working together that keeps our company moving forward."

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