People of DecoArt: Ryan

People of DecoArt: Ryan

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 29th 2019

In the People of DecoArt series, you'll learn about the people behind the magic here at DecoArt and even be able to ask them questions. We are excited to introduce you to Ryan, a DecoArt process manager.

Ryan has been at DecoArt for 5 years starting as a project assistant. He then became a process technician, then a facility technician, then a project coordinator with an emphasis in receiving and facilities. For the last two years, Ryan has been working to make positive changes at DecoArt in his current role as Process Manager of Receiving, Facilities, and Environmental Health and Safety. 

In the realm of Environmental Health and Safety, Ryan researched ways in which DecoArt processed wastewater in the manufacturing plant and, by changing this process, DecoArt was able to save $100,000 annually and reduce environmental impact. "We're trying to ensure that we put as much emphasis in what goes down our drains as what goes out our doors," he said. "That's where my focus has been lately. We've also made significant improvements in daily plant operation with PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] and forklifts. I oversee our forklift fleet and trainings for our locations, and we've seen significant drops in accidents in the last couple years."

Ryan's favorite and most rewarding part of his job is seeing the vision of a requested project become a reality and making processes more efficient. As Ryan said: "We've moved over 200,000 square feet of warehousing this year, installed a new label press in a newly built room, set up our manufacturing for new lines, added countless storage racking, on top of day-to-day projects to keep running the best we can." This year, the DecoArt distribution center was moved to be near the manufacturing plant located in Stanford, KY. In addition to serving these two locations, Ryan also serves the Marketing and Product Development office in Lexington, KY, which means he gets to know nearly everyone at DecoArt. 

Ryan enjoys projects related to furniture and woodworking most and even has floating kitchen shelves on the horizon at his house. He gets in the zone when it comes to large projects, especially the large moves DecoArt has experienced in the past years in terms of timelines, contracts, and budgets. One of the latest projects is the incredible pallet wall pictured below painted with Americana Decor Color Stains. He is considering doing a similar project in his home since it was so fun to complete. 

Ryan wants everyone to know that great effort goes into every bottle of paint that is produced. When attending Creativation in January 2019, Ryan enjoyed seeing how excited people got about the products everyone at DecoArt put so much thought and effort into. 

Below are some of the questions our Instagram followers asked Ryan during our "Ask Me Anything" session on Instagram Stories. Check them out to learn more about him: 

What's your favorite DecoArt paint?
"My favorite color of our paint is Americana Decor Curb Appeal Salem Grey. We use it for multiple applications ourselves, not just doors."

Are you a crafter or DIYer?
"I enjoy projects more on the furniture side with woodworking. My wife has recently requested floating shelves in our kitchen so that will be on the horizon!"

How many locations do you service?
“We have a manufacturing plant and distribution center in Stanford, KY and our marketing and creative design location in Lexington, KY.”

What types of environmental projects do you do??
“I changed the way we process wastewater, saving DecoArt $100k annually and reducing environmental impact, and eliminated our landfill waste.”

Do you have the longest title at DecoArt?
"I do have the longest title at DecoArt."

What's been your most favorite project to work on?
"I loved the pallet wall! It's recycled which is something we can always use more of and it turned out fantastic." 

What is your definition of art?
"Art resonates different with all of us. For us at DecoArt, it revolves around paint. However, for me personally it's a hobby, a sound, or an action that best defines who we really are."

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