Purple Upcycled Easter Candy Jar with Bird

Purple Upcycled Easter Candy Jar with Bird

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 16th 2015

Easter candy takes on a whole new look when you add this nesting bluebird to a plain glass jar.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • painter's tape
    • liner brush
    • soft bristle, full brush
    • clean glass jar
    • soft bristle, shorter brush
    • chopsticks (optional)



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Print off the pattern and tape it to the inside of the jar with painter’s tape.
    2. Trace the eggs and designs with Black Glitter.
    3. Trace the bird with Black Crystal.
    4. The Easter eggs are painted with White Glitter, Black Glitter, Yellow Glitter, Blue Glitter, Orange Glitter, Green Glitter, and Purple Glitter on a soft bristle, full brush, dipped generously into the paint, dabbed onto the surface, and spread around to all the edges.
    5. Using a soft bristle brush, paint a thin layer of Blue Crystal onto the body and wings of the bird. For the beak, use a liner brush and Orange Crystal, lightly dabbing paint to fill beak.
    6. For the grass, dip a soft bristle, shorter brush generously into Green Crystal. Outline where you want to start painting the blades by blotting the brush onto the surface around the base of the eggs.
    7. Mix Green Crystal and Yellow Crystal 1:1. Using a liner brush and the mix, paint the blades at top of the Green Crystal around the eggs. Using a liner brush and Green Crystal, paint darker blades on top of the Green Crystal/Yellow Crystal mix grass. (If you would like even darker grass blades, mix Green Crystal and Black Crystal.)
    8. For more defined, bolder border, trace the images with Black Crystal when finished painting the color.
    9. Paint the lid Lilac. Use the end of the paintbrush to create dotted flowers in coordinating colors on lid. Coat the lid for protection with Americana Primer & Sealer.


    Bird Pattern