Quick Basket Update

Quick Basket Update

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 21st 2016

Today I have a quick little thrift-store update to share with you all. This little makeover was super simple – it literally took minutes – but I love the finished product, and I hope you will too! Lately, I have turned into something of a basket lady. I can’t seem to get enough, and I have discovered that one of the best places to find new baskets for my collection is the thrift store. There are always lots available there and for super cheap too! And even if the basket you find is a little worn or sad, you can always give it a little DIY upgrade.  I found this little basket at my local thrift store recently, and I while loved the zig zag pattern of the weaving, I thought it could benefit from a little more color and graphic punch.

Items Needed:


I chose Chalky Finish paint because it has a super matte finish and because it adheres so well to so many surfaces. I knew it would work perfectly with my new basket. 

Instruction Image #1

To give this basket a little update, I started by mixing some Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Honor with just a little bit of water. I wanted the paint to be thin so the application wouldn’t be too opaque. I wanted some of that beautiful basket to show through!

After mixing my paint with water, I simple brushed it onto the basket following the basket’s woven design. Easy Peasy! 

Instruction Image #3

I decided not to tape down my design because I wanted it to have a slightly imperfect, hand-painted look. 

Instruction Image #4

Once I had painted over the entire bottom portion of the basket, I set it aside to dry. When it was dry, my basket was all ready to be put to use! Lately, I have especially loved using baskets to hold my growing collection of houseplants. This little basket is the new home for my fiddle leaf fig, Jasper. 

Instruction Image #5

I just love the extra pop of color this basket is bringing to the corner of our family room now.

Happy Making!