Raku Rabbits

Raku Rabbits

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 1st 2016

I've always loved the finish of Raku Pottery, the distressed soot and crackle effects I found couple of resin Rabbits a decided to recreate the effect.

Items Needed:


Gather your supplies.

Instruction Image #1

Apply a coat of Media Gesso.

Instruction Image #2

Apply coat of Titanium White Media Fluid Acrylic.

Instruction Image #3

Once dry I started testing colours, I wanted to create a soft duck egg and rust effect.

Instruction Image #4

I settled on Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber Placing small blobs onto a glass mat and watering down.

Instruction Image #5


Instruction Image #6

Applying a variety of neat product and diluted.

Instruction Image #7

Darker in crevices and adding water to dilute and drip.

Instruction Image #8

Allow to dry and add more drips until the desired effect is achieved.

Instruction Image #9

Apply Media Crackle Glaze to some areas thicker to form larger cracks and thinner for smaller cracks.

Because my substrate was plastic resin some small areas peeled back, so once dry I applied a coat of Media Satin Varnish to seal.

Instruction Image #10

Watching the hares crackling up!

I love seeing this effect as it's totally random but a beautiful effect.

Instruction Image #11

Once dry I started working in some Media Carbon Black Antiquing Cream.

Instruction Image #12

Rub back with a soft cloth to expose the defined crackle effect.

Instruction Image #13

The Media Crackle Glaze gives a gloss finish, so to soften slightly I applied a coat of Media Satin Varnish as it still gives a glazed appearance. 

Instruction Image #14

Instruction Image #15