Red, White & Blue Distressed Silverware Caddy

Red, White & Blue Distressed Silverware Caddy

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 28th 2016

Summer is officially in full swing with the warmer, sunny days and school being out.  This means spending time outside and enjoying the weather.  Whether you are going to a cookout, barbecue, picnic or lounging by the pool, some type of food is probably involved.  Today, I am sharing this easy Red, White and Blue Distressed Silverware Caddy to make life a bit easier.  This plain white metal caddy was transformed using Red and Blue Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint, making it perfect for inside or outside use.  The distressed caddy is great for carrying silverware, napkins, straws and plates to the table.  Who's ready for a party?!

Items Needed:

  • Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint 8oz - Ladybug
  • Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint 8oz - Morning Glory
  • Painter's Tape
  • Assorted Paint Brushes
  • Metal Caddy
  • Sanding Sponge


I purchased this white metal caddy from the Target dollar spot for $5.00.  There are many uses for this caddy, but I am using it for silverware and paper goods storage for outside.  I started by placing a piece of painter's tape around the center of the caddy.

Instruction Image #1

Next, I painted the top of the taped off section with Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint in Ladybug.  This is a bright red color, perfect for patriotic crafts.  

Instruction Image #2

While the Ladybug red paint was drying, I started applying the blue paint named Morning Glory.  This is a beautiful royal blue color.

Instruction Image #3

When painting on metal, note that is does take several coats of paint for full coverage.  Simply allow the paint to dry and lightly sand in between each coat for a smoother finish.

Instruction Image #4

Once the paint is completely dry and I was happy with the coverage, I used a sanding sponge to lightly distress the paint.

Instruction Image #5

Instruction Image #6

This patriotic caddy is perfect for moving silverware and paper goods, to and from the house, to the table outside.

Instruction Image #7

I just love how this Red, White and Blue Distressed Silverware Caddy turned out!

Instruction Image #8