Roaring 20s Art Deco Style Pitcher and Glass Set

Roaring 20s Art Deco Style Pitcher and Glass Set

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 11th 2015

Dress up a pitcher and glass set in the Art Deco style of the 1920s with Dazzling Metallics®.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • rubbing alcohol
    • liner brush
    • #8 round brush
    • glass and pitcher set



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Use a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to clean the pitcher and glasses. Select one of the diamond designs provided. Print off the design and place it inside the pitcher or glass. Start painting the diamond shapes using a #8 round brush alternating between Glorious Gold and Champagne Gold.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Use a liner brush to outline the diamonds in Black Tie.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Use a liner brush to add details and accents in Black Tie.
    6. Instruction #3


    Diamond Shapes Pattern