Rose Gold Gather Sign

Rose Gold Gather Sign

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 1st 2015

I'm doing a little decorating for fall and wanted to add a GATHER sign to the kitchen. After trying a new (to me) product from DecoArt I knew I'd be finishing my letters with Metallic Lustre. The letters are the perfect color for fall and I love the word...gather. Doesn't it sum up what we do in autumn? Everyone comes home from summer trips and we take time to gather around the table and share  food and stories and laughter...that's what the word makes me think of.

Items Needed:

  • Metallic Lustre - Rose Gold
  • Metallic Lustre - Champagne
  • Metallic Lustre - Bronze
  • Wood Letters


You can apply it with a soft cloth or your finger! The warmth from your finger kinda softens the wax and I think it's a perfect way to apply the color!

Instruction Image #1

Then rubbed Bronze around the outside edges and along front edge to add a little interest...

Instruction Image #2

You can see the front edges with the bronze highlights. To get this effect, I rubbed on the bronze and then dampened a cloth and smeared the bronze to leave just a hint of the darker color...

Instruction Image #3

I first put the letters in the built in cupboard...

Instruction Image #4

But ended up liking them right here...

Instruction Image #5

If you're adding a little fall to your home, you might want to try Metallic Lustre!  It adheres to most absorbent surfaces, as well as metal and you'll love the new Rose Gold color!

Have a shiny day my friends!