Rose Gold Lantern Makeover with Americana® Pearls™

Rose Gold Lantern Makeover with Americana® Pearls™

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 3rd 2020

Hi there! I’m Lydi from Lydi Out Loud and I’m here to share a beautiful fall decor idea. Fall decorations are always a favorite of mine. I love the warm, cozy colors and all of the natural elements with differing textures that can be found in fall decor. 

I found this black lantern at a thrift store a couple of years ago and I’ve been waiting to find just the right project for it. When I got the opportunity to play with DecoArt’s new Americana® Pearls™ paints I knew that this was the project that my lantern had been waiting for!

Americana® Pearls™ are unlike any other metallic or shimmer paint you’ve ever us, the dimension and sheen are just stunning. These paints are now available at Hobby Lobby and select JoAnn's stores. Ready to make one for yourself? Let’s go!

Items Needed:


Remove the glass from the lantern by prying up the notches that keep the glass panels secure.

One of my favorite parts of working with paints is mixing my own custom colors. DecoArt® has these little empty bottles that are perfect for creating your own colors.

Instruction Image #1

Pour equal parts True Red and Bright Yellow into an empty paint bottle about a quarter of the way full. Then add a squirt of Lamp Black. Shake well until fully mixed. Repeat the same layers 2 more times, shaking well in between each layer to ensure the paints are blended throughout the entire bottle. You want to make sure you mix up enough paint so that you don’t run out mid-project and have the task of trying to recreate the exact mixture that you started out with. Allow the mixed paint to sit for a while after mixing to allow bubbles to dissipate that may have formed during mixing.

Since I wanted my lantern to look fall-ish, I was aiming for a rose gold or pearly clay color. You can adjust the amounts of color you pour into each layer until you get the exact color you have in mind!

Instruction Image #2

Pour paint onto a plate or palette. Apply paint mixture onto the outside of the lantern with a soft paint brush. Allow to dry fully and apply additional coats as needed to cover the finish of your lantern.

Instruction Image #3

Carefully reposition the glass panels, using care not to scratch the painted  lantern with the glass.

How about that stunning sheen?!

Instruction Image #4

Fill your lantern with candles, pine cones, mini pumpkins or any of your favorite fall foliage. It was a happy accident that my beautiful pearl lantern is a perfect compliment to my favorite metallic rope basket I painted a few years ago!

Instruction Image #5

Pictures truly can’t do the beauty and dimension of the Americana Pearls justice… I have so many more project ideas to make with these lovelies!

Have you tried this project? Let us know in the comments below!