Rustic Gold Dipped Ornaments

Rustic Gold Dipped Ornaments

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 9th 2015

I love creating and making and crafting for the holidays is one of my all-time favorite things to do!  Typically I create decor or gifts, but this year I wanted to try my hand at hand-making Christmas Tree Ornaments!  I know, it felt a bit ambitious to me too, but this ended up being quite simple and I really think they turned out so super cute!  So today I am sharing my Rustic Gold Dipped Ornament tutorial with you!

Items Needed:

  • Painters Tape
  • 2 Foam Brushes
  • Cardboard Disks


After you gather all your supplies, you will want to remove any tags from your cardboard disks.  I found these cardboard disks in the wood cut out and cardboard shape area of Michaels, but I am sure you can find something similar at any craft store!  Wood disks would also work!  So use what you can find!  And if they already have a hanger on them, you are in even better luck!  

You will begin by painting the entire disk with a foam brush using the White Birch colored paint.  You can use 1-3 coats depending on how rustic and worn you want this to look!  Let this paint dry completely before moving on!

Then you will want to tape off a portion of your disk.  I decided to tape mine off at an angle to give it a fun, modern feel to it!

After one portion is taped off, you will want to paint the other portion of the disk using a foam brush and the Yellow Gold paint.

Again, you can do 1-3 coats of paint, your preference.  But I suggest to use a similar number of coats for both paints to keep the look consistent.   Because I wanted a more rustic look I left my paint a bit thinner and wasn't worried about getting a perfectly even coat or look.

Instruction Image #1

Once the gold paint is dry, remove your painters tape.

Instruction Image #2

If there are areas where the paint is too thick or you want to make it a bit more rustic, you can always use a piece of fine grit sandpaper to remove a bit of the paint if you like.

Instruction Image #3

And then you are ready to hang your homemade ornaments on your tree!  I love how pretty these are and can't wait to finish decorating my Christmas tree to see the full effect!