Safari Print Vases

Safari Print Vases

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 8th 2016

The safari look is always fun, especially in bold colors. It’s easy to incorporate these playful patterns into your decor. All you need is a few key supplies.

Items Needed:


Instruction Image #1

I love the bright safari-themed patterns in these Decou-Page Papers. I’ve used regular tissue paper for decoupage projects in the past, with mixed results. The paper will rip easily, bunch up and be basically difficult to craft with. That’s why I love using the Decou-Page Papers so much. 

Decou-Page Papers:
- Come in vibrant colors and patternsResists tear during application
- Bleed Resistant
- Easily wraps around corners
- Can be used on wood, metal, glass, fabrics, terra cotta, ceramics, resin, and more

First cut one sheet of each pattern of the Decou-Page Paper into 2 inch strips

Instruction Image #3

Cut strips into 2” squares

Instruction Image #4

Brush Decou-Page on the back of a square and place on the mason jar. Continue until the jar is completely covered.

Instruction Image #5

After all the jars are covered, apply another coat of Americana Decou-Page on top of the Decou-Page Paper.

Instruction Image #6

Let it dry.

Instruction Image #7

Paint the tray with Americana Cadmium Yellow.

Instruction Image #8

Add letter stickers to the tray and place the mason jar vases inside.

Instruction Image #9

Enjoy your the colorful “jungle” on your desk or your counter!

Instruction Image #10