Shades of Summer T-Shirt

Shades of Summer T-Shirt

Posted by DecoArt on May 22nd 2014

Creating this colorful summertime tee is a breeze with Ink Effects™ Fabric Transfer Inks.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • #3 round brush
    • #6 flat brush
    • iron and ironing board
    • small white T-shirt (50% cotton/50% polyester)
    • computer paper



    Allow to dry between painting steps.

    1. Print off the pattern onto computer paper.
    2. Use a #3 round brush to fill in the sunglasses frame: Start at top with Violet, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and then Red. Rinse brush in between colors.
    3. Use a #6 flat brush to paint sunglasses temples Light Green. Rinse brush. Let dry completely.
    4. Use the same brush with a small amount of Black to paint sunglasses lenses, using horizontal strokes on bottom of lens and making lenses get lighter as you brush up. Let dry and add more Black to the bottom. Rinse brush.
    5. Use the #3 round brush with Turquoise to fill in the words. Rinse brush.
    6. Use the same brush with Black to outline the sunglasses and the words. Rinse brush.
    7. Once pattern has dried for at least 30 minutes, place the shirt on an ironing board and place the painted pattern face down on the shirt. Place a piece of clean paper on top and iron on high setting for 30 seconds, keeping the iron in motion.


    "shades Of Summer" Pattern