Shara's Chickens on a Pedestal

Shara's Chickens on a Pedestal

Posted by DecoArt on May 3rd 2017

These whimsical chickens, painted with Americana®Acrylics, nest in a wooden pedestal bowl in this project by Shara Reiner.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • pencil
    • #10 flat brush
    • #8 flat brush
    • #12 flat brush
    • #10 filbert brush
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • #8 filbert brush
    • #16 flat brush
    • grey graphite paper
    • 3/4" soft mop brush
    • round pedestal bowl
    • fine line pen


    1. Bowl prep: The foot of the bowl is Warm White. Let dry. For black and white checks, divide, using a pencil and then paint in the Lamp Black sections. (See photo for details)
    2. Paint the pedestal and underside of the bowl Spa Blue. Let dry. The outside rim is Warm White with Lamp Black dots.
    3. Paint the inside of the bowl with Cotton Candy. Let dry. The dots are thinned Warm White. (You can use a finger to create the dots.)
    4. The edge of the bowl is Light Lime; the stripes are Green Tree, using a #8 flat brush.
    5. Paint the circle inside the bowl Lamp Black. (Use a dry brush to soften the outer edge of the circle if you like.) Let dry.
    6. Transfer the pattern using a pencil.
    7. Birds: Base with Warm White. Shade with Zinc, around the wing and to separate the tail. The wings are checked with Tomato Red. The feathers are Bright Blue, using the liner brush flattened out. Highlight the outside edges with a side-load of Laguna. The beaks are Yellow Ochre. The combs and wattles are Tomato Red. The eyes and dots on the tummies are penwork.
    8. Flowers: (Let dry after each step.) Large coral flower: paint with Coral. The center is Cotton Candy. Outline the center with thinned Tomato Red. The strokes on outside are Warm White. (Use the liner brush.)
    9. Large blue flower: paint with Spa Blue. The center is Bright Blue. The dots in the center are thinned Spa Blue. Shade around the center with a side-loaded brush and Laguna. The small center dot is Yellow Ochre.
    10. Medium red flower: paint with Tomato Red. The center is Scarlet. Plaid the center with a liner brush and very thinned Coral. Add dots with a pencil and Coral. The small center dot is Yellow Ochre.
    11. Black and white checked square: (Let dry after each step) Base with Warm White. The checks are Lamp Black. The center dot is Brilliant Purple. The small center dot is Yellow Ochre.
    12. Purple tulip: Using filbert brush, stroke on with Purple Cow. (Use two strokes for this flower.) Shade with Brilliant Purple and highlight with Light Orchid. Stroke the ends with the liner brush and Light Orchid. The stamens and dots are Yellow Ochre.
    13. All leaves: Basecoat with Hauser Medium Green. Shade with Lamp Black and highlight tips with Foliage Green. The veins are Foliage Green, using the liner brush.
    14. Small filler flowers: The five-petal flowers are Bright Blue, then dip brush in a tad of Spa Blue. The centers are dots of Yellow Ochre. The white flowers are finger dots of Warm White. The center dots are Yellow Ochre. Side-load a small flat brush with Lamp Black and shade where flowers overlap.
    15. Add penwork: Stitch the marks, dots, and eye for chickens, adding as much as you like. (Use pattern and photo as a guide.) Let dry.


    Sharas Pedestal Chickens