Sleek Black Halloween Vases

Sleek Black Halloween Vases

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 7th 2017

Halloween home décor can be sophisticated, classy and inexpensive all while still giving a nod to the classic pumpkin orange and black colors.  Today I’m sharing how to make these sleek black Halloween vases that won’t break the bank.

Items Needed:


I created this architectural shape with easy to find plastic party goods and scrap wood then painted everything in DecoArt Americana Décor Outdoor Living iron black acrylic paint.  It goes on super smooth on both plastic and wood and the eggshell finish is beautiful.

Instruction Image #1

I love how the black paint creates an ominous, spooky vibe versus the delicate, shapely figure of the vase.  Vases can be pricey, especially an urn style planter, so why not make your own version and you can paint it to match your décor.

Instruction Image #2

Create a wood base using scrap pieces.  Use your plastic wine glass and vase to determine the best size.

Instruction Image #3

Glue the plastic wine glass and vase to the wood base using E6000 adhesive.  Let dry.

Instruction Image #4

Paint the plastic and wood parts using Americana Décor Outdoor Living in Iron Gate.  Let dry.

Instruction Image #5

Fill the plastic vase with floral foam until snug.

Instruction Image #6

Use faux floral stems in Fall colors and textures to fill up the vase.

Instruction Image #7

Instruction Image #8

I opted for more earthly tones and natural florals mixed with a few orange leaves and white pumpkins.  This Halloween home décor can be made now and will take you through all the Fall holidays with ease.

Instruction Image #9