Snowman Canvas Painting Party

Snowman Canvas Painting Party

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 24th 2014

Kids love to paint and be creative so why not host a Social-Artworking canvas painting party as a fun holiday time activity. This could also be a great special event at school to keep kids interested in the days leading up to winter break.

Once you pick your design, use our online party planner to help you decide how much of everything you need to order based on how many painters you will have at your party.


Start by printing out our handy party checklist that will make sure you don't forget any detail!

Let your guests know ahead of time to wear old clothes just in case the paint finds its way beyond the canvas!

Each party participant will need ample space to paint. The Social Artworking Easel measures approximately 10.5” deep by 15 ¾” wide. Your artists will also need room for their palettes, drinks and water basin. You’ll thank yourself later for planning space accordingly.

To prepare for the messy fun that is sure to occur, fill glasses or water basins with water for dipping and washing brushes. Cover any area that you don’t want paint on with craft paper and set up a Social Artworking station with supplies for each guest. Placecards marking each attendee’s desired location will make for a festive and fun addition, and help make your guests feel more welcome!

Get party supplies to match the theme such as these snowman plates, napkins, straws and cups!




Get the Christmas tunes playing in the background to add to the atmosphere.

Make sure all of the kids start painting at the same time and take frequent breaks for snacks and beverages to allow slower painters a bit of time to catch up to the rest.

Have other games ready such as this Pin the Nose on the Snowman game:

Here are some other designs available in our Junior program that you might consider for your canvas painting party: