Snowman Memories 3-D Frame

Snowman Memories 3-D Frame

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 6th 2015

Create your own special memories of winter with this whimsical snowman frame in 3-D.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • 1" flat brush
    • hot glue gun
    • toothpicks
    • #3/0 liner brush
    • button
    • tissue paper
    • pliers
    • cardstock
    • 12" x 12" wooden frame
    • #8 filbert brush
    • waxed palette or ceramic tile
    • side cutters
    • small snowflake embellishments
    • floral wire
    • handmade paper
    • floral tape


    1. Lightly sand the surface and then seal with Multi-Surface Sealer.
    2. Apply one to two coats of Warm White to the surface and allow to dry.
    3. Place the colored handmade paper onto the surface, making sure there is enough paper to go around the edges of the frame.
    4. Pick up Americana Matte Decou-Page onto a 1" flat brush and, working from the center to the outside edges, gently apply the Decou-Page to the paper and adhere it to the surface. (Do not use a heavy hand to do this step as too much pressure may rip and tear the paper.)
    5. Decoupage the paper to the front and sides of the frame, making sure that there are no air bubbles.
    6. Allow the paper to dry thoroughly before continuing to the next step.
    7. Instruction #6
    8. Use Aquamarine to lightly dry-brush the outer edges of the frame.
    9. Apply a generous coat of Decou-Page to the area where the snowman will be created.
    10. Using small pieces of tissue paper (about 2" square), loosely scrunch up the tissue paper and use the filbert brush and Decou-Page to start shaping the bottom ball of the snowman. Add bits of the tissue paper to completely cover the area and slowly build up the ball. (The center of the ball should have more tissue paper build-up and be thinner at the outside edges of the ball.)
    11. Be generous with the Decou-Page as this will soak into the tissue paper and harden it when it is dry. (This ball should be about 2-1/2" wide when finished.)
    12. Instruction #10
    13. Continue to mold the center ball and the head, making sure that each ball becomes smaller in diameter but still retains a rounded shape. The center ball should be about 1-3/4" wide and the head ball about 1" when finished.
    14. Shape a piece of tissue paper into a small rectangle about 1/2" wide and 1" long; glue it in place just at the top of the snowman's head. (This will be the tall portion of the hat. Remember to build up the center of the hat to give it a rounded shape that will taper off to the outside edge.)
    15. Rip small pieces of tissue paper about 1/2" wide and 3" long. Scrunch up and gradually build up the brim of the hat.
    16. Allow to dry before painting.
    17. Instruction #14
    18. Cut a piece of white cardstock 2-1/2" long by 3/4" high. Score and fold over 3/4" on each end. Score and fold 1/8" from the end of each flap.
    19. Add a touch of Phthalo Blue to Teal Green and just enough Titanium White to lighten the value and paint the outside of the wagon. Allow to dry. (Save mix for later steps.)
    20. Paint the wording Memories with a mix of Teal Green plus a touch of Phthalo Blue plus Titanium White. Add more Titanium White to the mix and, when the wording is dry, lightly dry-brush the words to highlight the edges.
    21. Paint the snowman's hat with a Teal Green/Phthalo Blue mix. When dry, add Titanium White to the mix and dry-brush the hat.
    22. Wrap each of the three pieces of the floral wire with brown floral tape.
    23. Place the three pieces of wire together and pull the bottom ends down so that they are of unequal length. (These will be the fingers of the snowman.)
    24. Tape all three wires together until they are about 3" in length. Cut with side cutters. Repeat for the second arm. Set aside.
    25. From the left-over floral wire, cut a 1" piece and the other piece about 3". Make a small loop with one end of the long piece and wrap around the middle of the short piece. Crimp tightly with the pliers.
    26. Wrap from the loop down with floral tape. With the pliers, bend each end of the shorter wire toward the center and pinch securely. (This will be the handle of the wagon.) Set aside.
    27. Dry-brush the arms with Medium Beige, then with Yellow Oxide, followed by Burnt Sienna. Dry-brush the wagon handle as well.
    28. Bend the two arm pieces to resemble an old branch. Glue to the sides of the snowman using a hot glue gun.
    29. Scrunch up a small piece of tissue paper. Place at the bottom of the arm where it meets the body and use the glue to fasten it down. Allow to dry.
    30. Instruction #26
    31. Use the hot glue gun to glue the two buttons to the bottom edge of the wagon. Apply a tiny bit of hot glue to the 1/8" folded edge of the wagon and glue to the frame.
    32. Dampen a small piece of tissue paper with glue and put it down into the wagon. Make small round balls of tissue paper and start forming the pile of snowballs in the wagon. (Be very generous with the glue so that it soaks into the balls.)
    33. Rip and scrunch pieces of tissue paper and glue them into place under the bottom of the wagon and the snowman. Make this area uneven as though it was a drift of snow. Allow to dry.
    34. Put out a puddle of Glazing Medium about the size of a quarter and add a tiny bit of Aquamarine to the puddle to make a thin glaze. Apply this mix to the snowman"s body, the two small white buttons, the snow drift, and to the snowballs in the wagon. Allow to dry.
    35. Dry-brush a mix of Titanium White plus a touch of Aquamarine to the snowman's body. Dry- brush Titanium White to the snowman's body, the snow drift, and the snowballs.
    36. Glue the wording to the top of the frame.
    37. Instruction #32
    38. Working on one area at a time, slightly thin Decou-Page and apply to the snowman's body, snow drift, and snowballs. Immediately shake on Glamour Dust.
    39. Randomly apply Decou-Page to the wording and a little on the snowman's hat. Shake on Glamour Dust.
    40. Brush mix Yellow Oxide and a touch of Burnt Sienna and paint the end of the toothpick. Cut to the desired size with side cutters and hot glue into place. (Refer to photo for placement.)
    41. Use the liner brush to dot in the eyes and a small round mouth with Teal Green/Phthalo Blue mix.
    42. Cut the wagon handle to size; bend the bottom edge to slide under the wagon; and hot glue into place.
    43. Instruction #37
    44. Hot glue the snowflake embellishments onto the frame.
    45. Hot glue the scarf at the snowman's neck.


    "memories" Pattern