Spread Sunshine Barrel Stave

Spread Sunshine Barrel Stave

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 3rd 2016

Spread sunshine all around your home with this festive sunflower door crown.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • transfer paper
    • sandpaper
    • palette paper
    • clean cloth
    • 5/8" angle brush
    • #16 shader brush
    • 1/2" mop brush
    • #6/0 liner brush
    • flat barrel stave



    Enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit the stave surface.

    Use the appropriate size brush for the area you are working in.

    1. Sand the stave and wipe away sanding dust with a damp cloth.
    2. Basecoat the surface with Timeless. Let dry well.
    3. Transfer the pattern onto the surface.
    4. Basecoat as follows: lettering, Soft Black; leaves, Antique Green; under petals, Honey Brown; upper petals, Spicy Mustard; centers, Espresso.
    5. Instruction #4
    6. Using Asphaltum, shade around the elements of the design; the left side of the letters; and along the edges.
    7. Wash some Asphaltum on the “cut” edge of the stave.
    8. Shade the leaves with Plantation Pine under the sunflower petals; along the lower edges; and along the top of the vein line.
    9. Highlight the leaves with a dry-brush highlight of Avocado Dip, in the center and under the vein line.
    10. Instruction #8
    11. Float a little Burnt Sienna on the leaves randomly.
    12. Outline the leaves with Lamp Black.
    13. Shade the under petals against the center and where the upper petals overlap them with Burnt Sienna.
    14. Deepen the shading and add texture lines with Asphaltum.
    15. Highlight the tips of the under petals with Spicy Mustard.
    16. Shade the upper petals against the center and the one petal that is flipped, at the base, with Burnt Sienna.
    17. Instruction #14
    18. Deepen with a second application and add texture lines with Burnt Sienna.
    19. Highlight the upper petals with Primary Yellow.
    20. Shade around the outer edge of the centers with Soft Black.
    21. Highlight the center with a dry-brush of Burlap.
    22. Outline the center and the petals with Lamp Black.
    23. Mask off the flowers and leaves. (Trace the shapes onto a plain piece of paper; cut them out; and lay the shapes on top.)
    24. Using your favorite method, splatter the surface with Asphaltum. The method of splattering for this piece was using thinned paint and a fan brush. Load the fan brush and hold it over the surface. Tap the fan brush with another brush so that the paint falls straight down.
    25. Finish with two coats of Soft-Touch Varnish, allowing to dry well between the coats.


    Spread Sunshine Pattern #1
    Spread Sunshine Pattern #2