Spring 2014 Color Trends

Spring 2014 Color Trends

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 25th 2014

With Spring 2014 hitting the runways of New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, we are inspired by designers to embrace fresh new tones, colors and textures.

What will we see in fashion and home décor? Lots of neutrals, paired with both pastels and punches of bold color. All at the same time? You bet!


Bleached Sand is a beautiful nude tone, much nicer than the flat beiges and taupes that we have seen adorn bedroom and foyer walls in the past. With a slight grey undertone, Bleached Sand is a cool neutral for Spring 2014.

Toffee is the warmer cousin of Bleached Sand, with a brown undertone and slight rosy hue. It pairs nicely with the darker tones for some stark contrast.

The greys that we will be seeing take centre stage in Spring 2014 range from Slate Grey all the way to Zinc. You can’t go wrong if you pick a grey this spring! Consider painting an accent wall in one of these rich tones.


Mint Julep Green is a fresh new take on the popular mint tone that has been taking wedding and party planners by storm. With a slight blue undertone, Mint Julep Green is on the top of my list for bathrooms and accent décor.

Every season has to have a signature yellow, and Spring 2014 will embrace Pineapple. It’s fresh, light, airy and vibrant. A great color for kitchens and baby nurseries!


You’ll be thinking neon this Spring 2014 with the bold punches of color.

Carousel Pink is a bold, but not neon, pink that will be perfectly paired with Bleached Sand and Zinc. Little girls will love this bright color, and it would make a stunning accent wall for a dress up area.

Indian Turquoise is the perfect transition color when the weather turns a bit warmer. It reminds us of ocean breezes, the call of seagulls, and umbrella drinks. It’s the perfect accent color to liven up your bedroom after a long winter’s rest.

If you want to go really bold this Spring, consider using Margarita! This vibrant yellow-green tone would make the perfect throw pillows on neutral furniture, paired with a Carousel Pink cotton throw blanket.

Canyon Orange is the spicy tone for Spring 2014. It’s perfect for new kitchen dishes, dipped wooden spoons, or on accent linens for your guest room.

A few of my favourite pairings for Spring are:

Zinc + Margarita +Mint Julep Green

Bleached Sand + Indian Turquoise + Mint Julep Green

Slate Grey + Carousel Pink + Canyon Orange

Zinc + Slate Grey + Pineapple

Toffee + Carousel Pink + Indian Turquoise


Remember to pair your colors in groupings of three; one tone to be dominant, then two accent tones. If you’re creating an accent wall, consider using your brightest color here, then tone it down with a neutral or pastel.

Have fun with Spring with light, bright and airy colors!