"Spring is in the Air" Wall Art

"Spring is in the Air" Wall Art

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 20th 2015

Brighten a girl's boudoir or bath with this tickled-pink decoupaged accent.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • scissors
    • paintbrush
    • pencil
    • extra fine permanent ink marker
    • wooden frame
    • assorted scrapbook paper
    • copy paper


    1. Remove the frame backing. Place on scrapbook paper (light blue) and trace. Brush Americana Matte Decou-Page onto the back side of the paper and the inner portion of the frame. Place scrapbook paper facing out, press down, and smooth out.
    2. Cut out flowers from the floral scrapbook paper. (The number of flowers will vary according to the size of the flowers and the size of the frame)
    3. Cut out a butterfly from the scrapbook paper. (If the floral scrapbook paper chosen does not have one, print off an image found online.)
    4. Cut out the patterns and trace onto scrapbook paper (refer to photo for color/pattern): hair, hat, head, eyes, cheeks, and mouth.
    5. Set the pattern pieces into place and once you like the placement, brush Decou-Page onto the back side of the pieces, place, press down, and smooth out in this order: hair, head, hat, and face (eyes, cheeks, and mouth).
    6. Double-load the paintbrush with both Snow White and Melon and paint the outer frame.
    7. Tear scrapbook paper into strips, making sure the strips are slightly wider than the frame. Place on the frame horizontally and cut to size. Brush Decou-Page onto the frame and begin placing strips in place. Once placed, brush Decou-Page on top to seal.
    8. Print out the words "Spring is in the air" on paper color of your choice. (White or pastel work best.) Cut out.
    9. Set the words into place and brush Decou-Page onto the back side of the paper and on the frame. Press down and smooth out.
    10. Using a fine point black permanent marker, add details. (Refer to photo.)


    Face And Hat Pattern