Starry Lightbulb Container

Starry Lightbulb Container

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 31st 2020

Paint this starry design on a lightbulb jar with Americana Enchanted.


    • small paintbrush
    • lightbulb glass jar


    1. Remove the container lid; paint the container with Ultra Black Basecoat. Allow to dry and apply a second coat.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. After the basecoat is dry, make a few small circles on the shape using Violet. Let dry and paint a Green circle around the Violet ones. Let dry. Paint a Blue circle around the Green ones. Let dry and paint with a Gold circle around the Blue ones. Let dry. Finish by outlining the Blue circles with Violet. In the spaces that are still Ultra Black, paint Blue. Allow all to dry.
    4. Dip the handle end of the paintbrush into Ultra Black and place dots onto the Blue spaces. Allow to dry. Dip the handle end of the paintbrush into Gold and apply over the Ultra Black dots. Allow to dry.
    5. If you prefer. try this design: one without dots, just consecutive rings using the same colors.
    6. Instruction #4