Stenciled Cork Trivets

Stenciled Cork Trivets

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 10th 2015

Add some spring color to your kitchen by making some stenciled cork trivets. This quick and easy project will add color to any kitchen. Grab the stencil of your choice from the wide variety that DecoArt offers to make this project all your own.

Items Needed:


Spray the back of the stencil with a temporary adhesive. You want to look for a spray adhesive that says it is non-permanent. Stick the stencil to your cork trivet and use a pouncer brush to apply the paint.

Instruction Image #1

Remove the stencil immediately. Allow the trivet to dry completely. Add a few coats of Americana spray sealer (I used the matte version) to your trivet. Allow that to dry before using in your kitchen.

Instruction Image #2

Use these stenciled cork trivets for everything hot in your kitchen. From a hot cup of coffee to a casserole right out of the oven , these trivets will do the job!

Instruction Image #3