Stick Tree Silhouette

Stick Tree Silhouette

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 22nd 2013

I have to say that one of my favorite reasons for using Pinterest is for saving items I find that inspire me. It’s not just the finding though, it’s the saving. So often we’ll see something in an online catalog, but go back in several months and there’s a good chance the page is gone, and the photo that inspired you is too! Because of Pinterest I’ve been able to save many such inspirational items, even long after their website had pulled it from their virtual shelves.

Items Needed:

  • 43 Craft Sticks
  • Twigs From Backyard
  • Sponge Applicator
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White Craft Glue


I had pinned this “Birch Tree Wall Art” from an online store called The Paragon. Three months after pinning it I went back and the item was gone. Sold out or discontinued, but no longer living on their site. Luckily the photo was still living on Pinterest.

Instruction Image #1

Americana has quite a few shades of white. I really wanted this to pop against the wall, so I chose the white of all whites, Snow White.

Instruction Image #2

After choosing my twigs and breaking off any stray pieces, I used my sponge applicator to apply the paint.

Brushing it on would have been a lot harder and while spray paint is pretty easy, it also releases all sorts of things into the air that I don’t want to think about.

Instruction Image #3

Creating the fence was easy. I lined up two craft sticks, end to end. Next I ran some white craft glue along the full length of a third craft stick, and pressed it onto the other two, lining it up in the center of the two. This joined them together.

Instruction Image #4

Basically, that third craft stick holds the first two together. All in all, each fence rail has 6 craft sticks in front, end to end, and 5 craft sticks in the back, holding them all together.

Instruction Image #5

Now ad some glue to where each of the craft sticks meet.

Instruction Image #6

Press a craft stick in place for each section creating the fence posts. Set that aside to dry.

Instruction Image #7

For the trees, cut off the rounded ends off of 7 crafts sticks (for 7 trees).

Instruction Image #8

Hot glue the squared off craft sticks to the twigs, creating a trunk.

Paint the trunks and the fence.

Instruction Image #9

You decide where you want your trees, then hot glue them to the back of the fence.

Instruction Image #10

Hang it directly on a colored wall using wall putty or 3M wall hanging strips.

Instruction Image #11

It would also look great attached to a dark background, like a piece of distressed painted plywood or a solid painted canvas.

Hope you enjoyed the project and it inspires you to try to recreate something with your own style!

Instruction Image #12