Stocking Mantle Hanger

Stocking Mantle Hanger

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 6th 2016

Add this seasonal sign to the mantle with Americana Decor® Chalky Finishes.


    • water container
    • paper towels
    • sandpaper
    • soft cloth
    • pencil
    • painter's tape
    • #5 round brush
    • drill and small drill bit
    • cup hooks
    • wooden board
    • small flat brush



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Apply a coat of Everlasting to the front and sides of the wood. (A light coat will give it a bit of a whitewash effect. Apply an additional coat of more coverage.)
    2. Apply painter's tape, leaving a 1/2" border at the top and bottom of the sign front. Using a soft cloth, apply Champagne Ice to the exposed 1/2" borders and to the sign edges. Buff to shine using a clean area of the cloth.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Apply painter's tape next to the Champagne Ice border to create a 1/4" border. Paint a stripe in Rouge using a small flat brush. (Refer to photo.) Remove tape.
    5. Instruction #3
    6. Use a pencil to lightly sketch word art as desired onto the front of the sign. Use a #5 round brush to draw in wording in Rouge. Using sandpaper, lightly sand the sign surface to create a distressed look to the paint and sign edges. (Do not sand Champagne Ice areas.) Use a #5 round brush and Champagne Ice to add accents to wording.
    7. Instruction #4
    8. Accent the edges of sign with holly and swirly flourishes made with Rouge and Champagne Ice. (Refer to photo.)
    9. Instruction #5
    10. Drill holes for small hooks at the bottom edge of the sign for stockings. Screw into place by hand. Add hardware to back of sign to hang, as desired.
    11. Instruction #6