Stone Tie Dye

Stone Tie Dye

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 28th 2016

The trend in home decor for grey tones continues, ideal to create a natural stone effect and the DecoArt Tie Dye Stencil was a perfect starting point.

Items Needed:


Apply a coat of Media White Gesso to a 12'' x 12'' Canvas Board 

Instruction Image #1

Apply Media modelling paste through stencil 

Instruction Image #2

Texturize it with the palette knife 

Instruction Image #3

Apply Media Crackle Paste with palette knife between modelling paste randomly 

Instruction Image #4

Apply Media Fluid Acrylic Medium Grey working out from centre 

Instruction Image #5

Followed with Media Fluid Acrylic Dark Grey blending with the Medium Grey outwards 

Instruction Image #6

Followed with Media Fluid Acrylic Burnt Umber blending with the Dark Grey towards the edges of the canvas 

Instruction Image #7

Instruction Image #8

Finally, with Media Fluid Acrylic Carbon Black to small areas around the edge 

Instruction Image #9

Instruction Image #10

Whilst the paint is wet start to wipe back with a baby wipe to expose the textures 

Instruction Image #11

Focusing on the centre working outwards 

Instruction Image #12

Stencil Media Fluid Acrylic Titanium White in centre blending out to enhance the centre focal point 

Instruction Image #13

Lightly Brush Media Fluid Acrylic Metallic Silver between the texture 

Instruction Image #14

Once dry I used a text Stamp and randomly stamped with black around edge, Brown and grey ink towards centre 

Instruction Image #15