Striped Purse

Striped Purse

Posted by DecoArt on May 8th 2018

Transform any purse with stripes using your favorite DecoArt Stylin colors!


    • 1" painter's tape
    • ballpoint pen
    • purse
    • paintbrushes


    1. Use painter's tape to mask off the parts of the purse you want to remain black. Use a pen to note the future color.
    2. Next, tape off stripes that you'd like to paint White. Again, note that future color on the tape using a pen.
    3. Paint the stripes or sections that remain exposed with DecoArt Stylin in Aqua. Let dry completely.
    4. Remove the tape where you want to paint White. Keep the tape on the areas that you want to remain black.
    5. Add painter's tape over the Aqua stripes that were previously painted. Make sure the paint has cured sufficiently.
    6. Paint the exposed sections with DecoArt Stylin in White.
    7. Remove all tape and allow to dry completely before using.