Tall Citrus Slice Pitcher

Tall Citrus Slice Pitcher

Posted by DecoArt on May 14th 2014

Add the zest of lemon, lime, and orange slices to a glass pitcher with Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • rubbing alcohol
    • liner brush
    • masking tape
    • clear tall glass pitcher
    • circle or oval pattern


    1. Clean the pitcher with rubbing alcohol and dry well.
    2. Place the circle/oval pattern inside the glass pitcher. Secure with masking tape, if desired.
    3. Place a bead of White Americana 3D Gloss Enamels just inside the pattern edge and a large dot in the center.
    4. Use a liner brush to pull the 3D White from the outside edge toward the center in quick strokes.
    5. Repeat this technique, pulling the 3D White from the center toward the outside edge. Continue to manipulate the paint with short, choppy strokes.
    6. Wipe the liner brush clean with a paper towel. Pull the brush from the outside edge toward center to form citrus sections. Wipe the brush clean after each pull. Let dry.
    7. Repeat the fruit slices in a band around the pitcher. For more interest, make some slices oval-shaped instead of circular. Add twists of peel with Orange, Yellow, or Green Americana Gloss Enamel 3D Writers.
    8. Brush Crystal Gloss Enamels lightly over the textured citrus area: Yellow for lemons; Green for limes; or Orange for oranges. Place a bead of White Americana 3D Gloss Enamel around the outside edge of the textured area. Let dry.
    9. Place a bead of 3D rind color (Yellow, Green, or Orange) around the outside edge of the 3D White bead. Let dry.