Teacher's Apple Jar Trio Storage Set

Teacher's Apple Jar Trio Storage Set

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 31st 2014

These apples, useful and colorful storage containers for school supplies, will delight any teacher.


    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • rubbing alcohol
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • #8 flat brush
    • craft glue
    • Contac® paper
    • cosmetic sponge
    • handsaw
    • three wooden dowel rods
    • green fabric scraps
    • three wide-mouth Mason jars
    • wire, about 1'


    1. Wipe the jars and lids clean with a clean paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
    2. Using a 3/4" flat brush, paint the jars and lids: one set in Lipstick, one in Canary, and one in Apple Green. Apply a second coat to each jar and lid with a cosmetic sponge.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Trace the oval pattern/shape onto Contac® paper and cut out. Place on the jar to use as a stencil and, with a cosmetic sponge, dab on Glass Chalkboard Paint.
    5. Using a Glass Paint Marker in White, add dots all the way around the black chalkboard oval.
    6. Using a small handsaw, cut three dowel pieces (angle the top) about 1-1/4" each. Using a #8 flat brush, paint the dowels with Cocoa Bean and immediately wipe back using a fingernail and paper towel to add detail.
    7. Make three leaves, by first bending wire into a leaf shape and then twisting the ends. (Make sure to leave about 3" inches to wrap around dowels/stems.) Place wire leaf shape on green fabric scrap and glue into place with craft glue. Cut off excess fabric. Cut another piece of fabric in a contrasting green color and glue on top of leaf. Twist ends about three times. Leave excess wire and twist around dowels/leaves. Remove leaves for the following step.
    8. Instruction #6
    9. Glue dowel (stem) to middle tops of the three lids. Once they are dry, add the leaves.
    10. Glue the lid pieces together so they unscrew open in one piece.


    Leaf And Label Pattern