Textured Decorative Tray

Textured Decorative Tray

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 9th 2018

Fall is finally here, well almost here, but that does not mean you can’t start decorating your home décor space with Fall elements. I love this season and what I love even more is to bring the Fall colors in my décor like I did with this Textured Decorative Tray.

This tray requires a few simple materials but the result is just beautiful.

Items Needed:


Instruction Image #1

I used an Acrylic Tray for this project as that is the one I had on hand and was not being used at all in my home so I decided to give it a makeover so it would be more usable.

Instruction Image #2

First, I taped off the tray in a Geometric pattern using Masking Tape. You can play around with the design and see what pattern looks good for your tray.

I then painted the three different sections with the Americana Decor Matte Metallic in Warm Copper and Aged Bronze as well as the Americana Decor Metallic in 24k Gold.

Once that was dry I took the masking tape off and filled in the empty areas with the above mentioned three paints again. I applied about two coats of each paint to fully cover the Acrylic Tray.

Instruction Image #3

Next step is the fun part where I got to play around with the new Americana Decor Texture paint in the color Plum, which is stunning.

Instruction Image #4

I placed the stencil in the middle of the tray, preferably use tape to keep it in place and then I applied the texture paint with a palette knife. I did not smooth out the paint since I wanted my tray to have more dimension and texture.

When you think you have covered the stencil completely gently remove it and you should end up with the most gorgeous textured pattern.

Instruction Image #5

Give it a full 24 hours to dry and there you have it - a gorgeous decorative tray perfect for Fall. What do you guys think?

Instruction Image #6